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Welcome to planetsoarer where too much TOYOTA SOARER is barely enough! Editor- Peter Scott
$170 000
178km/hr (Apexi)

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ALSC Soarer Central Lextreme TIF Club Lexus Autospeed Buy/sell FAQ
iconCelsiorUpperArms.jpg (19001 bytes) Toyota Celsior, Lexus LS400 front upper bush replacement - no more clunk!
May 2007

New front upper bushes got rid of my clunk and improved steering response.

iconcelsiorleatherpack.jpg (24003 bytes) Toyota Celsior / Lexus LS 400 shifter removal and leather recover.

I got the wheel and shifter recovered in my Celsior and she's a beauty mate. Shifter is a pain to remove compared to the Soarer.

grumpyicon.jpg (24837 bytes) Rehabilitating a Soarer UZZ32 Active - Part 1

Keeping busy with a suspension rebuild, timing belt, leather, boot struts, door hinges, window regulator and hub centric rings.

iconCD.jpg (5441 bytes) Planetsoarer.com available on CD

The entire backup of the Planet Soarer website is now available on CD. 8618 files, 700 MB. Run the entire Planet Soarer website from your CD drive. Includes bonus movies and stickers!

Search by date instead? : Previous updates can be found here

Toyota Soarer Summary:

chassis prefix UZZ32 UZZ31 UZZ30 JZZ31 JZZ30
Lexus (export) n/a n/a SC400 SC300 n/a
suspension Active sus. TEMS airbag coils coils coils/TEMS
steer 4 wheel steer 2 wheel 2 wheel 2 wheel 2 wheel
turning circle(m) 9.8 10.8 10.8 10.8 10.8
engine 1UZ-FE V8 4.0 litre 1UZ-FE V8  4.0 litre 1UZ-FE V8 4.0 litre 2JZGE   3.0 litre 1JZ GTE 2.5 litre Twin Turbo
mass (kg) 1730 1640 1590 1540 1560
1991 new price (yen) 7.45 million 5.45 million 4.81 million 3.03 million 3.38 million
power (kW) 191 191 191 165 206
torque (Nm) 353 353 353 284 363
fuel econ (L/100km) 16.7 14.1 14.1 12.3 13.5

source:  http://imports.motortraders.net.au

Note the fuel economy figures - pretty high! I don't know what cycle they are using for these figures - but on the open road my V8 gets 11 litres/100km (26mpg) and Wayne's TT gets 10 litres/100 km (28mpg) - some people get even better economy.


  1. Only the UZZ30 (SC400) and JZZ31 (SC300) were exported to USA in LHD badged as a Lexus. They feature analog dials instead of 3D digital dashes and are the least complicated models. The fancy V8's and turbo models were only available new in Japan as a Toyota Soarer.
  2. The UZZ32 model (mine) is the flagship SOARER with Active Suspension and Active 4ws - heavy, but handles and brakes best of the lot. GPS navigation system for Japan only, the factory TV can be tuned for PAL. Toyota list the Active model as the car with the most advanced handling, a tight turning circle (thanks to 4ws). The suspension struts can now be repaired and the suspension "test mode" is a great party trick as the car cycles through it's full range. Mine also came with the expensive and rare reversing camera - the colour resolution on the screen is startling.
  3. The UZZ31 has the air cushion Toyota Electronically Modulated Suspension (TEMS). Soft ride, Electro Multi Vision (EMV or TV) screen was an option.
  4. The JZZ30 is the screamer - these twin turbos really get up and go. No leather, no EMV or stuff like that - just a lightweight SOARER with coils and a great engine (1JZ-GTE). Ceramic turbos tend to break if you boost too much. Big power available with few mods

BFI (big intake) - also see intakes below.:

BFI Part 1 Photos and explanations of how I made a BFI at home for $8 ($14 including fancy alloy cover). This is the best cold air intake I have ever tested and it outperforms a pod. And if anyone wants to make a kit and sell it you have my blessing - no copyright here.

BFI Part 2 - parts list  A more up to date list of BFI parts including some templates to download, as well as some BFI's from around the world.

BFI 3  The prettyboy BFI, works just as well - an essential Soarer upgrade.

Big Intake (BFI) Installation Guide -  Paul Irwin steps us the BFI process on his TT with clear pics and instructions.


Maltech Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses  I fitted some of these early this month, result? - More brake POWER! - top stuff.

Supra Big Brake Upgrade  Now updated with part numbers front and rear as well as workshop manual extracts.

Brake pad numbers and upgrades   Genuine Toyota pad numbers, slotted rotors, EBC Greenstuff pads (my brake upgrade)

bleedicon.gif (9887 bytes) Bleeding the TRC master cylinder.

I forgot to post a link to this page over a year ago! -doh! It's a Japanese translation of bleeding the master cylinder on a Traction control equipped Soarer.


iconcomputercam.gif (5765 bytes) 1. 1UZ-FE V8 Exhaust Camshafts - Theory  Dyno 2000 computer model of changing the exhaust cam profile from 21st Century Performance. April 2002
iconsm106.jpg (13430 bytes) 2. 1UZ-FE V8 Exhaust Camshafts - Practice   Removing the exhaust cams and shimming the intake valves. Now with pictures.
iconsmIm001336.jpg (29991 bytes) 3. 1UZ-FE V8 Exhaust Camshafts - Installation   The cams are back
icontools.jpg (70360 bytes) 4. Cams, shims and that tapping noise - January 2006

Evaluating my old exhaust cams, a new range of billet cams available and addressing that annoying tapping noise from the 1UZ-FE v8.



Dyno Testing  Here are some of the results from the 47 dyno runs in the library so far. A look at octane rating, oil type, air filters, V8's and TT's. Now download stock V8 and TT dyno data files to compare to your own!

Fuel and Oil dyno
K&N Pod and custom pipework dyno
Drop in Air filters dyno
V8 custom exhaust with headers/x-pipe dyno
Twin Turbo versus V8 dyno

SOARER V8 Dyno Run Aaron Elliot had his bog standard Soarer dynoed. He also wrote a detailed piece of the day events - a good read. After you have had a read, have a look at Soarer V8 1UZ-FE vs Aussie 220kW V8's

Soarer V8 1UZ-FE vs Aussie V8's After reading Aaron's SOARER V8 Dyno Run and a couple of AutoSpeed Articles about Ford and Holden V8's, a couple of interesting points came up.

ALSC DDII  The Australian Lexus Soarer Club Dyno Day 2  - January 2003 - everyone's photo, dyno graph, data file and road trip snaps.

April '03 dyno day at Lilydale I didn't make this one - but here is a genuine C's supercharged UZZ31 V8 on the rollers.

ALSC dyno day Adelaide May 2003  Martin and Karl both cracked 300 kW at the wheels!

ALSC dyno day - SE Queensland Paul Gasper (see his car in High Performance Imports No 33) cleans up with 337 rwKW and best presentation!

dynokarl.gif (11630 bytes) ALSC dyno library  A list of dyno dynamic results for various levels of modifications for Turbo sixes and V8 Soarers.
icon.jpg (7769 bytes) ALSC Melbourne Dyno Day July 2003  Karl pulls a 428 rwkW amongst 19 Soarers from Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and SA. Lew pulls a 241 for his auto TT and I scored a 164 rwkW with my V8.

gang1.gif (61961 bytes)

Pics from the Adelaide Dyno Day Oct 2005

At Morpowa Gary Morris cracked 256 rwkW (343rwhp) with stock ceramic twin turbos and Peter Scott broke 180 rwkW (241rwhp) with a 1UZ-FE V8 Soarer.


English EMV buttons and ALSC gear  Plastic stickers to cover the EMV buttons and ALSC shirts, caps and Jackets

Planet EMV A bunch of Diehards have translated all the screens, including diagnostics, and fixed the backlight, and then let us mere mortals in on it!  also includes a list of error codes.

The complete genuine Toyota Wiring Schematics have been translated. For further information please go here http://www.f1kits.com/translation.htm

Stereo Schematics  Harry Lemmens has also made available the schematics that may help people who are trying to add after-market CD players/MP3 players to their vehicle.

A'PEXi RSM V1   V8 Soarers factory limited to 178km/hr - No more! Great for racetracks - has 0-400 function etc as well. $198 at Autospeed.

icongtech.jpg (4943 bytes)

GTech Pro - old model now cheap

I got mine from ebay.com.au for $45.

DVP2002Bicon.jpg (3371 bytes) Installing a DVD in the Soarer Glovebox (EMV cars only)  CDV, Normal CD, CDR, CDRW, MP3 (185 songs on one CD), DVD, video and audio inputs for X-box, Play Station, TV tuner or video camera. by Mel Grebowski.
ecu2icon.jpg (14313 bytes) V8 Soarer (SC400) Programmable Engine Computer Harry Lemmens can mod your ECU with more timing, higher rpm and remove the speed limit.
iconunichip.jpg (5210 bytes) Unichip completes the big three upgrades for the n/a V8

At last! Dyno and road tuning of timing and fuel available for the V8! The best upgrade I've done. And it works for Twin Turbos too (more on that later).

icondash.jpg (2551 bytes)

Blinky Dash and no more chimes

A Golden Oldie for the newbies. Every Soarer dash gets the blinks -   it's cheap to fix,  get rid of the reversing and door chimes too.

Excellent Adventures:

IconAdel1.jpg (14913 bytes)

Adelaide Soarer Meet Feb 2002

Pics and stories from the first Soarer meet in Adelaide.

iconAdel2.jpg (26567 bytes)

Adelaide 2 Soarer Meet Sept 2002

Pics and stories from the second Soarer meet in Adelaide Australia

Soarer Videos  Small mpegs inside and out of Soarers driving.

Terry Dean's 6 Soarer wedding - Terry makes the headers for the V8, he got married, we turned up to transport the bridal party!

From Russia With Love  In Vladivostok they drag twin turbo Soarers in the sunshine - well Denis Belikov does!

Happy Days   Amsoil/ULX-110 dyno, winning a dyno shootout against a TT, new brakes, supercharger all the ingredients for a great weekend!

Lyndhurst Eclipse in a Soarer  I thought it would be funny to drive the Soarer in the Outback - then you see the eclipse.......

Karlpetrol.jpg (5531 bytes) Thrustmaster Karl's car is very very fast. He drove it 800 km in one night just so planetsoarer could drive it (well he did do a dyno shootout and two magazine shoots as well I suppose). See videos in the video page too.
4point.jpg (6407 bytes) Car Preparation for Trackdays   Is taking your finely balanced Soarer on a racetrack the ultimate drive? It could well be. If you like steering, braking and accelerating then perhaps a trackday is for you.
iconpitpeterJuzza.jpg (8977 bytes) The Diehard Club - Phillip Island Circuit - 8 Soarers on a racetrack, 6.7 mpg, steak and cold beer.
iconScotty_02web.jpg (10036 bytes) Phillip Island pt 2- Action!  More Soarers at Phillip Island - the full results, every car cornering, a look at street tyres and some VCD screenshots.
carslinedup.jpg (9152 bytes) Phillip Island II   June 2nd 2003. Rain put a dampener on things - but David Ross cracked 2 mins!
malgtsmall.jpg (9411 bytes) 24 Porsches versus One Soarer.  If you want organised Sprint days with flag marshals and timing in South Australia - the friendly Porsche Club is the go.
mal2icon.jpg (7616 bytes) 27 Porsches versus 1 Soarer (Round 2!) Mallala   Shift kit, harness and practice chops a second off my best time (1:27.72). MP3 audio download of 1 complete lap, lots of pictures and all the times. A closer look at what Mallala does to brakes and some tyre experience.
armchairicon.jpg (4861 bytes) Armchair Racing at Mallala  10 Short video clips shot in and out of a Soarer. See Porsches spinning out, a Soarer overtake a race Porsche on the inside, hear a EVO scream and dive past under brakes - it's   the risk free trackday. Includes pictures and fine food guide.
westicon.jpg (15582 bytes) 54 Soarers in Geelong   They came from NSW, SA, VIC and QLD for the West Coaster SuperCruise.
pinovicon.jpg (5704 bytes) Phillip Island November 2003 new.gif (3158 bytes)Seven Soarers, all PB's - Fabulous experience. Put a drive at Phillip Island on your to do list.
smapriljuzza2.jpg (3110 bytes) Time Attack! Just like a video game, 15 laps to post your best time. Soarer vs Falcon XR6turbo vs Ford GTP V8 vs Subaru WRX STi. Maybe you've driven Phillip Island in the game - this is for real!
REVENGEsIXSML.jpg (8005 bytes) Mallala Soarers - Revenge of the Six

When a V8 spoils your Twin Turbo day   - it's time to spend some cash and seek revenge!!!

raceicon.jpg (7498 bytes) Race Pics - Gallery of Soarer Race Pics. Some wallpapers.



  1. V8 Exhaust Measurements Pressure loss and mass of the standard V8 exhaust components. Which bits you should change first and a look at different cats.
  2. Rear Muffler Replacement Stainless steel straight through rear muffler over the counter for $179. These mufflers are quiet (no drone).
  3. iconMP3.jpg (25143 bytes)

    Exhaust sounds part 1 update.gif (1811 bytes)

    Soarer Exhaust sounds1UZ-FE V8 Soarer gets louder as you remove the exhaust components - listen here. Now includes a 2.5 inch single pipe and muffler sound (replaces rear four mufflers)and Dynamic on road sounds due to popular demand! But wait there's more! -Stereo high speed Roaring Soarer V8 drive byes, 10 Soarer drive by - pick the V8's from the 6's and extractors and dyno runs.

  4. Acceleration testing - Exhaust, The Results Acceleration timing stock, 2.5 inch single and full dual 2.5 inch system with x-pipe.
  5. The Battered Sav Finally got around to putting on a complete exhaust system consisting of twin high flow cats, X-Pipe, and twin straight through mufflers. Find pictures of complete underside of a Soarer and mpegs here.
  6. V8 Exhaust Complete rundown on my current exhaust from headers to tips, includes the biggest photo of the underside of a Soarer ever!
  7. Soarer V8 Extractors (headers) Page now includes thumbnails of extractors that have been JetHot coated - they look fantastic! Aaron has no got some fitted - see ALSC Dyno Day.
  8. V8 SuperCar exhaust Looks like a 10 inch long X-pipe that adds 10kW. This is a 3 page colour pdf file (119 k)
  9. Catalytic Converters - A look at Cats for your V8 and twin turbo Soarer, and the difference with the Lexus SC400 exhaust system (US model). Diagrams of all the exhausts here as well.
headericon.jpg (6804 bytes) V8 Headers - the best bang for your buck. Without a doubt fitting headers to your V8 gives the most pleasure and the biggest power hike.


Intakes (also see BFI above):

  1. Ram Air Intake On going saga of testing and building proto-types. Latest is 50% larger intake using injected foam as a mould.
  2. Panel Filter Tests It's K&N versus Blitz Foam versus Toyota - and the winner is...
  3. Cold Air Intake Tests It's the flash looking SS Inductions Unit versus a piece of melted stormwater pipe versus a paper mache scoop versus the Toyota air box and the winner is...
  4. Acceleration testing - Intakes and Exhaust, Introduction Descriptions of an elephant snorkel intake, bolt on 2.5 inch single exhaust replacement, injected foam moulds of the intake and bigger ducts between AFM and throttle.
  5. Acceleration testing - Intakes and Exhaust, The Results Acceleration timing BFD, BFI.
  6. Siting Cold Air Intakes Photos, explanations and test results of different spots in the SOARER bumper to place a cold air intake and pictures of my home made U-tube manometer - this is what you want to build to accurately test an intake.
  7. The Intake Resonator  The intake resonator on the V8 and why you should probably leave it the way it is.



iconFirst.jpg (3429 bytes)

Celsior shopping.

Always fancied one, the 15 year old import rule meant they were better value then ever. Time to go shopping.

iconCelsiorpickup.jpg (23816 bytes)

The Celsior arrives from Japan

Always fancied one, the 15 year old import rule meant they were better value then ever. Time to go shopping.

iconCelsiorfront.jpg (22319 bytes)

Celsior Compliance

The Celsior is now complied and registered. Changes include seat belts, intrusion bars, side mirror and fuel filler restrictor. Allow $1200. Some States don't need belt change now!

lexls_med.jpg (4622 bytes)


Lexus LS400 and Toyota Celsior tutorials

toyotav8icon.jpg (12572 bytes) Toyota V8 Supercars Australia - Galway, 37, is Toyota Australia’s newly appointed motorsport development manager. In fact not only is Galway new to the job, so is the job itself. (And a quick look at the current V8 Supercars in Australia.)
russialoveicon.jpg (7445 bytes)

From Russia With Love  In Vladivostok they drag twin turbo Soarers in the sunshine - well Denis Belikov does!

augusticon.jpg (18188 bytes) Mr August - The planetsoarer dude for August is Denis Belikov (Russia)!
denisicon.jpg (7671 bytes) Pretty Girls, Vodka and not much snow.....

Denis is back with a new paint job and new engine/driveline combo for season 2004.

catalogicon.jpg (8173 bytes) Original Soarer Sales Brochure Photos. I scanned my favourite pics from Rob Hayden's library, engines, interiors, exteriors, features etc, majority from Japanese sales brochures.
03071003icon.JPG (19395 bytes) Submit an Article to Planetsoarer. Guidelines and templates on how you can submit an article to have published on planetsoarer.com. It could be a tech article, feature on your own car or a meet.
saleicon.jpg (8545 bytes) Karl's high power Soarer just might have been sold - it was a beauty.
olddaysicon.jpg (8896 bytes) Soarer Tech Stuff  

This is the 2nd earliest version of my website I could find. It wasn't called planetsoarer back then , it was called "Soarer Tech Stuff" - then it became "Pete's Soarer Tech Stuff" and then "Soarer Diehard" and now "planetsoarer".

pyramidicon.jpg (4397 bytes) Pyramid of Speed - from the NSX club.

Humorous piece from the NSX guys. Includes short bonus video depicting the top level.

Servicing (DIY):

Automatic Transmission, Torque Converters and Shift kits   There is only one Trans Fluid for a Soarer and it ain't no Dexron - (well actually.....) - and how to squeal the tyres from the lights and chirp them when you change gears. (I mean lets face it - we all want to!)

Headlight Cleaning and Bulb Replacement  Is it raining inside your headlights? aarrrrrrgghhhh! And (cheap) bulb replacement.

Oil Analysis  Links to oil stuff and the results seven (8) V8 oil analyses. A great way to tell how good your oil really is and how much dirt is getting into your engine. Now with more oil links and list of oils tried so far. Shell, Castrol, Caltex Halvoline, Penrite, Mobil 1 and ULX-110.

Fuel Filter Part number, where it is and how to change it. And some stories of what can go wrong!

iconLeaddiag.gif (6603 bytes) Compression and Plug Lead Testing  Testing engine compression and spark plug leads. How to change the leads is here
iconsidecoil.jpg (14407 bytes) Changing plugs and leads (wires) Here's how I changed the spark plugs and tested my leads (I had to change mine). Lots of thumbnail pictures. Now with 23 thumbnail pictures and diagram of correct lead resistance.

Lowering your Airbag or Active V8 The airbag V8 and Active Soarer is easy to lower - here's how I did mine. Now with more pics and before and after shots.

Toyota Parts CD   5 CD set that includes every part number (and exploded diagrams/pictures) of every Toyota 1991-2000 (including Soarer).

iconbushupdate.jpg (13459 bytes) 2 1/2 years, 60 000 km Bush update

How are the bushes holding up after 2 1/2 years and 60 000 kays? No worries mate....

iconbush752.jpg (10233 bytes) Silent Rubber Bushes with Shock Control Slots - At last, proper non squeak quality riding control arm bushes - I love them! So good that Toyota resell them.
iconupper.jpg (4107 bytes) Upper Control Arm Bushes   Andrew Vlamos can now provide superb Upper bushes to match the lowers - get that new car feel back again.
iconball3.jpg (4865 bytes) Celsior (LS400) Balljoint replacement

My balljoints were stuffed and making the steering wheel shake. The Pedder's drive on shock test confirmed that my front shocks are worn as well.

iconCelsiorUpperArms.jpg (19001 bytes)

Toyota Celsior, Lexus LS400 front upper bush replacement - no more clunk!
May 2007

mechaniciconsm.jpg (13316 bytes)

The Great Aussie Soarer Mechanic Guide
Australian Lexus Soarer Club members give feedback on their positive/negative experiences with mechanics, exhaust shops, wheel alignment and suspension workshops.

Dash Repair for Dummies  - (Combination Meter) Clean your dash display , repair the bits that don't work, remove the reversing beeper and door open chime in just a few easy steps! With air bag light removal procedure at end.

Soarer Steering Wheel Refurbishment  Manny has also written this page now hosted on the ALSC  - details removing and fixing the leather grip around your wheel.

jefficon.jpg (10442 bytes) Workshop Manuals from Jeff Harper

Japanese and English workshop manuals, wiring diagrams, spare parts CDs, 1JZ / 2JZ engine repair manuals - all the factory stuff. Gold!.

Parts Dismantlers - Partial list of Australian wreckers who have Soarer, 1UZ-FE, 1JZGTE & 2JZGTE, Crown, Aristo & Chaser parts.

Fuel Filler Leak Repair - by Paul Irwin

Air-cond filter replacement  Peter  Nitschke has got a few pages up now, this one show how to replace air cond filters.

Door Trim Repair   - Aaron Elliot and Steve Howlett attended the Soarer Workshop Day in Melbourne - pics and words on repairing the common door trim cracks on the Soarer.

iconoilfilters.jpg (8130 bytes) Air Filters, Oil Filters and Oil A closer look at filters for oil and air, prices, part numbers and oil recommendations for your Soarer (Lexus SC).
1uzfeengine.jpg (8415 bytes) My Soarer won't start (why OBD is your friend) I got up in the morning to discover my precious Soarer wouldn't start.   It cranked over just fine, but it just wouldn't catch. by Cyrus J Lesser
mounticon.jpg (9238 bytes) Engine and Transmission Mounts If your Soarer is getting up around 100 000 km (60 000 miles) then start saving for new rubber mounts!
shifticon.jpg (7871 bytes) Shift Kit, Cooler, Line Pressure and ECT/NORM switch new.gif (3158 bytes) I've modified my auto transmission with a shift kit, installed a cooler and adjusted the line pressure.
fuelicon.jpg (9813 bytes) Fuel Gauge Blues new.gif (3158 bytes) Peter Nitschke shows how to clean your fuel gauge - no more guessing and running out of petrol.
pumpicon.jpg (9346 bytes) V8 Power Steering Pump Repair. new.gif (3158 bytes) Happens to every Soarer - the dreaded power steer leak, then alternator dies - arrrgghhh!!. Another excellent page by Mel Grebowski. I love Mel's stuff - great explanations and pics.
smellicon.jpg (38363 bytes) Petrol smell no more Two clamps near petrol tank to stop those petrol fumes.

difficon.jpg (5330 bytes)

Change the diff oil and the diff (TORSEN) Metal chips in my diff oil - arrrgh! So took an hour (roughly) to change it.......hmmmmm. A Toyota TORSEN diff is not quite like a clutch LSD. Fabulous improvement to the car.
reverseicon.jpg (47514 bytes) Reversing lights - My reversing lights and hence reversing camera would sometimes work - sometimes not. This switch block was the culprit.
icontimingbelt.jpg (51227 bytes) V8 Timing Belt Change, and serpentine belt change.

We all have to have it done sooner or later. I had a crack at changing it myself. My UZZ32 is a bit different to regular V8's but most of it is the same.

iconsrb.jpg (9564 bytes) Steering Rack Bushes and new car feel

Pics of my steering rack bush install. The results were excellent. New car feel and "tightness" has returned..

iconisotta.jpg (16907 bytes) Isotta steering wheel.

Gary got himself an ADR compliant steering wheel.

icon1.jpg (18580 bytes)

Idle Air Control Valve (IAC)
A common cause of poor idle and stalling. The IAC can be repaired by replacing a couple of cheap bearings.

Japan Only Soarers  There are a bunch of small differences between the export and Japan only Soarer - starting with rear headrests. (Actually the best part of this page is the new model Soarer background (120 kb, takes a while to load, black background until suddenly it's all there - looks great ! .)


happydays.jpg (15385 bytes) Happy Days    Amsoil/ULX-110 dyno, winning a dyno shootout against a TT, new brakes, supercharger all the ingredients for a great weekend!

Link to the Happiest day of my life (9th Nov 2002) .... ALSC forum topic - latest on the supercharger

History of Supercharging in Australia on ALSC Rob Hayden put this together - it's on the ALSC

Video's of Andy's supercharger on Day 1 Other videos on this page too.

V8 Supercharged and SOARER kit  A discussion on Supercharging your Soarer has started

Eaton MP112 supercharged Jaguar V8  A closer look at the Jaguar XKR  - a model for the Soarer V8?

Toyota Supercharged V8's Bullet Toyota Supercharged V8 in MX5 and 2000 hp 1UZ-FE. PDF's of two magazine articles.

Japanese C's supercharger versus Australian EFI dynamics  When Japanese C's Supercharged Soarer turned up in Australia - the ALSC grabbed it and stuck in the dyno. Also includes some of the best supercharged links to read and Jim Roal's terrific homepage - get comfortable for a big read!

blownicon.jpg (10188 bytes) M90 1UZ-FE Test Drive. So what's it like to drive a 1UZ-FE with an M90 blower installed and how's it compare to a Twin Turbo Soarer? Bill tells us what he thinks - and it's GOOD!
boosticon1.jpg (7866 bytes) Eaton Boost and Pulley Change. Estimating boost and power from different size pulleys on the Eaton M90 & M112 superchargers on the 1UZ-FE. A look at Pulley suppliers and special tools to pull them off.
supericon1.jpg (9899 bytes) The Planetsoarer Phase IV Twin Intercooled Supercharged V8 - part 1. Two years ago it was just a personal dream. Part one of the Journey.
part2icon.jpg (11394 bytes) The Planetsoarer Phase IV Twin Intercooled Supercharged 1UZ-FE V8 -Part 2. A further look at the Jaguar blower, Jaguar factory specifications, lowering compression, changing injectors and some costs of available upgrades.
part3icon.jpg (49026 bytes) planetsoarer supercharged V8 - part 3 - The supercharger, twin intercoolers and the pump have arrived from England, two spare motors from Australia are already in the shed and the factory example is across the road!
puller2icon.jpg (58680 bytes) Pete's Pulley Puller and pulleys- Part 4

I tried the hard way to remove the supercharger pulley and all I got was a nasty rash. So I got this terrific puller from the States - it's a beauty. A Pulleyboys modular pulley system was my choice for the pulley.

iconjoel.jpg (36071 bytes) Joel Alexander's Supercharged 1UZ-FE V8

DIY Twin intercooled Eaton M112 supercharged V8 running 10 psi !

Twin Turbo 1JZGTE

dumpicon.jpg (5230 bytes) Marlew Manufacturing Lew Marlew specialises in Toyota Soarer / Lexus SC upgrades and modifications. His dump pipes are the V8 Headers of the twin turbo world - All the big power cars have them.

Twin Turbo 6 cylinder Stuff Replacing Soarer ceramic turbos with Starlet steel ones.

Twin Turbo Upgrade Path  - Dyno graphs and pictures of Emanuel Spinola's TT upgrades from stock 136 rwkW to 199 rwkW to 243 rwkw and ALSC dyno champion!

Soarer Twin Turbo Removal and Repair  by Jake Purches. Pictures and words on how to remove your turbos to get them repaired. Takes a while for the 800 kb of pictures to download but worth it. Have a look even if you don't have a turbo!

Twin Turbo 1UZ-FE

Twin Turbo 1UZ-FE V8 in a Cobra  Pics and words of Paul Gillis's TT Toyota V8 !UZ-FE in a Cobra with 220 kW at the wheels. Custom twin throttle body, non intercooled. Link to the Mech Tech Twin Turbo SC400.

Twin Turbo 1UZ-FE V8 in a Celica  Jamie talks about turbos, head porting and ECU control of a custom twin turbo intercooled 1UZ-FE V8 in a TA22 Celica. Currently at 245 kW at the wheels with more to come. See Jamie's car at the ALSC Dyno Shootout in Jan 2003.

Twin turbo 1UZ-FE V8 in a Lexus LS400  David Phan installed twin turbos on his Lexus V8 LS400 (Celsior). Information, research, videos, photos, dyno testing - it's all there.

Tyres and Rims

tyreicon.jpg (10839 bytes) Best tyre for my Soarer and Magazine tyre tests
34 A4 pages:- 5 magazine tyre tests, personal experience and some circuit tyres.
iconASX.jpg (8845 bytes) KUMHO ASX Tyres.

The budget Pirelli PZero? The low cost Michelin Pilot Preceda? Not as much grip - much much higher treadwear coefficient - quiet and steer very well. My new 16" rims needed some tyres and Kumho ASX tyres fit the bill.

iconalignment.jpg (7261 bytes) Wheel alignment for 16", 17" and 18" wheels

My preferred wheel alignment settings for 16", 17" and 18" wheels for the Soarer and a couple of common problems

iconspacers.jpg (4376 bytes) Offset, spacers and broken studs

Offset explained with diagrams, a look at bad spacers and wheels fitted incorrectly to break studs

iconstuds.jpg (8492 bytes)

Wheels falling off and broken studs.

Wheels without spigot rings can spell disaster.

iconwheelguide.jpg (8909 bytes) Wheel Guide

Things to consider buying some rims for your Soarer (or any car for that matter) thanks to Ronal Wheels. Rob Hayden posted a  wheel weight table for every rim, that's included here as well.

iconwheels.jpg (10125 bytes) New Wheels from Japan!!

I imported two sets of rims from Japan in a Van. Also includes a  whole bunch of stuff to consider when shopping for rims for your car including Rob Hayden's wheel weight table for every rim ever!.

iconfats.jpg (9621 bytes) Low profile tyres or FATS!

My new 16 rims needed some tyres and Kumho ASX tyres fit the bill.

UZZ32 Active Soarer:

Not everyone can have a limited edition ultra desirable UZZ32 - there isn't enough to go around - but doesn't stop you reading about them:

PaperIcon.jpg (8984 bytes) Active Suspension and Active 4 wheel Steer  A Toyota technical paper all about the UZZ32 Soarer. Read why it stops quicker, turns sharper and out handles every other Soarer.
fluidbleedicon.jpg (14516 bytes) Bleeding the UZZ32 hydraulics   Changing the old suspension hydraulic fluid for new Toyota fluid for a smoother compliant ride and better handling. A successful suspension test is essential for a good bleed.
connectorIcon.jpg (11309 bytes) Active Suspension Computer Diagnostics  Richard Ashcroft has a UZZ32 - after an alarm install the suspension wouldn't work! It was a loose plug! Here's the list of all the pinouts for the computer and range of standard values and problem locations.
engineDiagnosticIcon.jpg (11862 bytes) Active Suspension Test Detailed instructions on how to make your UZZ32 dance in the driveway - great part trick and terrific for lifting the before an oil change.
U10icon.jpg (8681 bytes) UZZ30 Owner drives the Active UZZ32  - Peter Kerwin, a UZZ30 (US spec SC400) owner, looks at both the UZZ30 and UZZ32, features, ride, cornering/handling and loud exhausts.
lg31.jpg (24468 bytes) UZZ32 in a Magazine   Martin Donnon was editor of HPI, he drives my UZZ32, order back issues too. Look carefully on the left hand side of the cover and you will see "ACTIVE SOARER" - that's the bit about my car. Back order issue number 31.
rearshock2icon.jpg (10335 bytes) UZZ32 Active Shock rebuild   - $160 gets you the parts you need - not that complicated.

iconrearbush.jpg (6333 bytes)

UZZ32 4ws rear wheel control arm bushes.

Andrew Vlamos has made a limited number of these bushes for the Active UZZ32 Soarer. We will all need them so get yours now.

32icon.jpg (8006 bytes) UZZ32 Owners List If you are not on the list please email me again. Now with thumbnails of the cars so send me a pic as well. Email list will have bounce updates soon. (you know it's a 32 when it has TRC, blank and Height switches - no TEMS switch).Includes some stats, info and pics, email list and owners list.
valveicon.jpg (10477 bytes) Active UZZ32 Valve Body Reseal  Fixes suspension sag and jerky adjustments. Eliminate bounce with boot sensor.
nitorgenicon.jpg (49544 bytes) Nitrogen recharge of Active Struts - My Active suspension used to be harsh and it bounced when it shouldn't. Now at last it's like new. I wish I did this years ago!

iconshock_apart.jpg (16094 bytes)

Cutting open the UZZ32 Nitrogen Accumulator

Active Soarers have piston accumulators that leak nitrogen and cause the dreaded suspension bounce. Here's one cut open with the faulty o-ring exposed before being re-built.

iconbush3.jpg (21415 bytes)

UZZ32 Active Strut Eye Bushes

Andrew Vlamos has now completed all the bushes to make our fabulous UZZ32 like new. These bushes are easily damaged by leaking oil from the struts.

erroricon.jpg (6192 bytes) UZZ32 ACTIVE suspension Error Codes

If you have one of the rare V8's with 4ws and active oil suspension then these Error Codes can help diagnose problems. Thanks to Jeff Harper. It's an Adobe file so you'll need the Adobe reader download.


movie1icon.jpg (9140 bytes) Video of the Month

The classic Justin Hughes Phillip Island Video. See the Australians let loose on one of the World's great race tracks. 110 mb wmv file. My all time favourite. Excellent editing, top music (starts with Batman) - Juzza is a pro.

iconBondmovie.jpg (8613 bytes) More videos thanks to ww.trackdaymedia.com

Including the Bond, James Bond movie clip (no I wasn't saying it! - Juzza just made it look like I was!). Another classic Justin Hughes music video clip. This is only the first third :(  - we'll see if we can get the whole thing up later. Also incar Soarer footage racing and spinning.

iconvideos.jpg (7388 bytes) Old Videos

Small videos of Soarers - including the ever popular Turbo versus Active Circle work vid.

pyramidicon.jpg (4397 bytes) Pyramid of Speed - from the NSX club.

Humourous piece from the NSX guys. Includes short bonus video depicting the top level.

Only one video at the end of this page and it's popular!

SteveWatson.jpg (9838 bytes)

http://stevessoarer.hummingbirdhosting.com/ - Stephen Watson's Soarer homepage
http://www.trackdaymedia.com/  - login here to view videos
Latest video update.gif (1811 bytes) (had the link wrong sorry) (35Mb), right click, save as, rename the link as stevewinton.wmv and enjoy!
A Soarer with the same mass (1290kg or 2800lb) of a Porsche GT3! - circuit officials let Steve go first so no-one gets in his way. Bags of fun and sounds great with the straight through exhaust.


iconSClge.jpg (6159 bytes) soarercentral.com
Australian based forum, tutorials, specifications and events for Soarers and Celsiors.
sportsnluxary.gif (20018 bytes)  
www.sportsluxurycars.com.au   Craig Dean (2nd outright, Targa Tasmania in Toyota Soarer!) regularly wins the Phillip Island sprints, sells, services and has parts for Soarers - a good bloke. 
Rush.jpg (6355 bytes) Neil Griffiths is a Soarer diehard - catch him on the ALSC forum. Neil sells, services, imports and stocks parts for the Soarer. Located Queanbeyan NSW.

intro_title.gif (3015 bytes)
importacar.com.au  Karl Hardy is a good bloke based in Melbourne. He can get you a RAWS car from Japan or any car over 15 years old.

f1kits.jpg (13016 bytes)Jeff Harper's site - parts for Soarers (and models) and a buying service for Yahoo Japan.
EFI Dynamics  The Melbourne based tuning house for twin turbo and V8 Soarers. Get an easy 171 rwkw on your TT with stock intercooler!
icondlralogo.jpg (13375 bytes) Dry Lake Racers Australia

This salt lake is just up the road from me - I want to fit a roll  cage and join in - I reckon it would be great. Maybe next year? Lot's of interesting reading here.

iconJBrougham.jpg (7453 bytes) 204 MPH (328 kph) 1JZGTE !!

Congratulations to John Brougham - 1st 6cylinder to 200 mph and a heap of records. Whenever I lose motivation to work on my car, I read John's site and get recharged. This guy worked so hard, makes anything I do look like peanuts - read the "Construction" heading for example.

iconflea.jpg (7966 bytes) www.1uzfe.com

The Flea is a TE27 Corolla with a 1UZ-FE V8 !. Check out the fibreglass bonnet - hmmm there's an idea.....

iconChrisJohnson.jpg (9228 bytes) Chris Longhurst website

David Hart put me on to this one. Lots of great information on wheels, tyres, oil etc - worth a read.

icondumps.jpg (8084 bytes) 250 rwkW upgrade on the Twin Turbo Soarer

Andrew Miers website, www.thesoarer.com, describes an upgrade path to 250 rwkW for the twin turbo Soarer.

dumpicon.jpg (5230 bytes) Marlew Manufacturing Lew "Pipe Whisperer" Marlew specialises in Toyota Soarer / Lexus SC upgrades and modifications. His dump pipes are the V8 Headers of the twin turbo world - All the big power cars have them.
iconpeterNit.jpg (10657 bytes) Peter Nitschke's Soarer Site

lexls_med.jpg (4622 bytes)


Lexus LS400 and Toyota Celsior tutorials

iconbillTT.jpg (9204 bytes) Bill Lewis TT site (UK). Also includes guide on changing the V8 cambelt
Steve's Soarer Info
No nonsense tech site - Warning messages, Diagnostic screens, removing trim, headlight clean, cruise delimiter etc. Now with factory Soarer wheel alignment settings and a PAL TV for $700.
Startrade Australia
If you need to get someone to fix your V8 now then this is where you go. Don't forget to read the FAQ. Top Speed delimiter available.
Import Driver
A lot of information here for owners of imports in Australia - some Soarer reviews, News page is interesting and check out the auction links (seem to be gone now) and service agents
Soarer Club Western Australia
Club Lexus (USA)
Very flash site - caters to all Lexus vehicles not just the Soarer. The Soarers over there (re-badged SC400) have coil suspension,an analog dash and no Electro Multivision Screen - eliminating a lot of the problem areas for the Japan model. USA also have the benefit of a dealer network - not like Australia and England where the Soarer is a grey import - they can get any part, any service no problem. There are also large aftermarket performance product manufacturers - you can buy anything you want for your Lexus. Compare this to Australia where it is a battle to get the correct fuel filter! A lot of debate over which is the best aftermarket products to buy. It's where most of the U.S. guys hang out. Forum software ranks everyone depending on number of posts - no preview mode, "cool" on-line names is the norm.
Lexus SC 400 .com (USA)
lexussc400.com) Dedicated to the SC400 (US spec Soarer). Links to discussions on ClubLexus, an in-house dedicated SC400 forum, a bunch of products you can buy including a replacement ECU. Independent tests on products offered are a bit sketchy at these early stages. Very much a US orientated site with links to performance parts sellers in US plus a listing of Lexus dealers.
TM Engineering
Check out Todd's 12.30 sec Soarer V8. Standard except for NOS. Todd is also the guy to get Lexus badges from if you feel the need.
Supra MkIV tech articles
A lot of this stuff is applicable for all cars - give it a read for sure.
Internet Ezine site. This place is an absolute breath of fresh air. So much free stuff and real cheap. An absolute must. I have waded through so much rubbish, one sided advertisements, endured countless re-telling of myths - especially performance myths - and read brainwashed lemming's opinions of over the counter "performance" products, that I was beginning to think that no-one could independently think for themselves. Gullibles' who read the side panel of a "performance" product and then start sprouting it's virtues from a position of expert authority. If you have had enough of this sort of stuff then AutoSpeed is for you.
Related AutoSpeed Articles I started putting a list together of some of the articles at AutoSpeed that I thought were extra interesting with regard to the V8 Soarer. Turned out to be about 12 A4 pages long! - Oh well! A bunch of them are free.
Zoom and High Performance Imports Magazines
I reckon these magazines are pretty good too. This is where you go to order back copies etc. I have referred to specific issues and Soarer articles elsewhere here - so if you want your own copy this is where to start looking. Sometimes it is best to ring 1800 801 647 (Australia) to see if they have your copy in stock - the entire list is not on the Webster either. Grab a copy from the newsagent for little pictures of past issues.
Beer: Where ever you are Coopers is the go.

partslocator.com.au Search for wreckers, parts dismantlers, auctions, half cuts, Soarer, Crown, Aristo, Chaser, Cellist, 1UZ-FE, 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GTE.

Contact Information

Got any links, ideas, questions, information? e-mail me. I am especially interested in experiments/investigations relating to Soarer performance.

Peter Scott

University Lecturer Fluid Mechanics, Structural Analysis
Ex-Environment Protection Agency Senior Adviser
State and National Policy- DWLBC Adelaide

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